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She was the one who gave me life inside the red walls of her body.
The only woman
Who did her best for me without thinking
Of herself.

Until I was born,
She never failed to care for me,
To clothe me when it’s cold,
To feed me when I start to cry
And to sleep beside me,
Beneath the pale moonlight.

She taught me the greatest lessons
That a student could ever learn;
She taught me to be prepared
About everything
And to always expect the unexpected.

I guess she’s the best teacher
I’ve ever had.

She’s the strongest woman I’ve ever met
That even in the shakiest part
Of her life,
You will never see her cry
nor surrender.

I guess it’s time for me to introduce to you
The woman that I adore,
Who made it all…

My mother.

May 25, 2007/Friday/10: 18 PM