When I was young,
my dad used to carry me with his one arm as he walk along the road, and tell mommy to take us pictures.
I really get excited when he gives me a present especially if it is because of my achievements.
I enjoyed playing and eating with
him all the time; he was the best man who ever dated me.
He treats me as long as he has money and
gives me everything I want as long as
it would bring me happiness and the best.
I couldn’t describe how he looks like
when he starts to laugh hard.
The three wrinkles around each of his eyes
begin to appear when he laughs; four lines on his forehead when he tries to stop it;
The cheeks that I used to pinch get rosier as he laughs.
Oh how I loved those moments…
I missed hanging around with this man…

The man I always loved.

May 25, 2007/Friday/10:45 PM