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(c) taken at MCU fdt square

As I open my eyes, I can still feel the doom of yesterday.
My body is weak, like a flower without a stem; my eyes are
quite tired but the tears don’t fade.

I try to look at the beauty of the day but
I guess nothing could be more beautiful than the days that
we are together showing how much
we care and love each other.

I try to bring back the joy in our spirit
and make it right but all I can see is
my self holding my hands.

I live each day like a living dead; a human with
a body but without a soul.

Then I closed my eyes and prayed for
the love that may or may not come back
to be always safe-

and forever let it go if it’s really
not meant to be…

May31,2010/8.15 pm/m0nday