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1. Water
2. GreEn tea
3. Oatmeal
4. H0ney
5. Sugar
6. Vitamin c, vitamin e

7. M0istUrizer

8. T0ner
9. FaCial wash
10. Shamp0o & c0nditi0ner



With these 10 pR0ducts, let me share with y0u my daily and weEKly r0uTine oN h0w to maintain a y0uThful l0ok.


For daily r0uTine: I use faCial wash to clean my faCe. Then i t0ne and m0istUrise beFore i puT make up oN. I d0 n0t clean my faCe too well in m0rnings becAuse it has already beEn cleanseD the pRevi0us niGht.


BeFore sleEping: I wash my faCe, t0ne, puT vitamin e and then m0istUrize. Yes, i puT vitamin e 0n my skin beFore m0istUrizer since it is betTer at impR0ving skin. I aCtually cuT 2-3 cApSules of vitamin e and then mixeD it with my m0istUriser, asidE fr0m puTting it al0ne oN my faCe beFore the actUal m0istUrizer. Meaning, i puT it twice at niGht and oNce in the m0rning. D0n’t forget to take vitamin c beF0re sleEping for tisSue repair. And take l0ts of water to dEt0xify the b0dy.


For weEkLy skin cAre: i do this 1x-2x a weEk and it sh0uld be a c0mplete pR0cesS.

After washing my faCe, i steam it for aB0uT 10-15 minuTes to s0ften the dirt oN my skin. Next is i use the greEn tea as a faCial scrub. Just tear the tea bAg and get a fEw of it then gently rub oN skin. U cAn use sugar as an alternative to this. BuT if u want to have a fairer c0mplexi0n, i suGgest greEn tea. And if u want extra m0isture, i pReFer sugar. These 2 are g0od for all skin types. Wash y0ur faCe after scrubBing. Use oatmeal + h0ney + greEn tea as ur mask. A teasP0oN of eaCh is g0od en0ugH. Mix them well and leave it for 15-20mins. on y0ur faCe. Wash it with c0ol tap water and pat dry.


T0ner: i use greEn tea as a t0ner c0s i want a natUral skin cAre. Or s0metimes i use a t0ner that suits my skin type. Then puT vitamin e and m0istUrizer.


For hair: i use shamp0o and hair sPa c0nditi0ner, since it gives my hair a gl0w than ordinary c0nditi0nerS..



*** U cAn also try this at h0me!