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1. Maybelline sm0oth minerals bB cream with SPF 26 (18 ml)- This is my first time to use BB cream. Before, I was a little bit doubtful about how it will work for me because my skin is kinda sensitive to many products. But I took risk. I tried to research first on the internet about the contents of the products and about the feedback of some users. I found out that it has no harmful chemicals and aside from that, it helps improve the skin. Before, I was thinking if I will purchase Korean BB Cream or Maybelline. I bought Maybelline since it is my first time to use and I don’t want to spend too much money if I’m not sure about its effects on my skin. There you go.. I tried it and WOW!!!! it covered my blemishes, and even improved my acne scars. Aside from that, it is also good as a make up base. My only suggestion is to use it with moisturizer if you want a dewy effect because it won’t be as dewy as the other Korean BB creams if you’ll use it alone. I’ve been using it for almost 3 months and so far, I did not have breakouts plus my skin really improved. But be careful not to use it overnight to avoid clogging of pores, since it is still a make up… Be cAreFul when apPLying becAuse it’s watery.  It oNLy has 1 shadE and y0u have to blend it very well when apPLying to a darker skin so it w0n’t be t0o fair. Sooooo AfFordaBLe!

2. Maybelline Gel Eye liner (black)- For me, this is not the best eye liner because it is kinda hard to apply and it makes the eyes look so big. YES, There is a better control on your hand compare to a liquid eye liner- as if you were only using a pencil but it’s a little hard to achieve the perfect eye line using this one. It takes time and a lot of practice before you can put this perfectly on your eyes…