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Vitamin E is a very powerful anti-oxidant that helps improve the skin texture and appearance. Aside from that, it is also good for strengthening the immune system. But did you know that among the vitamins, it is only Vitamin E that has no side effects when taken in excess?

YES!~ you’ve read it right!!!~ Vitamins also has side effects when taken in excess such as vitamin A- causes hypercarotenemia (too much vitamin A/carotene in the blood). It is not pathologic in nature but it makes the skin color yellowish. Also, in pregnant women, it is not advisable to take vitamin A especially during the first trimester because of its teratogenic effects… Only 10,000 IU is recommended and should be taken on the third trimester.

Anyway, so much for that!~ I don’t wanna be a nurse here in the blog. YES, I am a nurse. So I am willing to do some health teaching, but this time, related to beauty. ^__^

Vitamin E, is also better absorbed in the body with its natural form. It’s chemical formula is d-alpha tocopherol.

Sometimes, you would see it written like dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate or dl-alpha tocopheryl succinate. But take note!~ this is not in its natural form anymore… once you see this chemical formula, it only means that this is synthetic.

I do not recommend synthetic vitamins because it is not fully absorbed in the body and not as good as the natural one. So I strongly suggest that you look into the label of the vitamins or any products that you will buy. ^__^