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1. Etude House Moon Crystal Power gloss (purple)- I tried purchasing this one because it looks soooo good and yeah!!! It never disappointed me. The shimmer looks elegant. You can even wear it on its own! This is one of the Etude House’s best selling lip gloss and you’ll see how it makes the lips much sexier once you apply. It costs only Php 298~ so affordable!


The consistency is very good. For me, I like the thick lip gloss so that it won’t be easily wiped off and this lips gloss got it!~ Also it is very good at making the lips appear pouty because it’s not that colorful but so attractive. The photos below show how it looks like when I’m wearing this lip gloss on its own.


I always use this product together with my bright pink lipstick and it really is very sexy. You can see it here on the next photo.


As you can see, this is very elegant. I also used this once when I joined a photo contest (but I was late to submit my entry!~ hahahahaha ^_^) and also when We had a great event in our school last March 18, 2011. You can give it a try too!~

My friend Tina and I bought this last February 14, 2011 and we really enjoyed looking at those cosmetics in the Etude Play House but we can never have them all so we just celebrated the day with the products that we like.