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1. Etude House petit darling eyeshad0w (pk007- Floral Pink)-  it’s nice to blend as an eyeshad0w and as a blush t0o, especially for fair-skinned ladies. It is shimmery but doesn’t look overdone when applied. It is perfect for daily use as eyeshadow but I prefer to use it as a blush for  more natural and radiant look. Just like my other Etude House Products, I bought this at SM North EDSA- The Block. It only costs Php 148 and so cute and small!~


Its color is so sweet and can be used by women of all ages. Teenagers, mid-twenties or above, this product looks great because it brings back the youth in the eyes by adding glow once used. The powder is so fine and pigmented that it is able to last the whole day even it has a light shade.  It is suitable for all skin types, even to sensitive ones!~

2. Etude House Petit Darling Eyes Cream Eyeshadow (Cubic Lemon)- This eyeshadow is very good at brightening the eyes because it is more shimmery than the powder form and aside from that, you can also use this as a highlighter because if you will put just a little and blend it well, you’ll never see much colors but only the fine glitters. It stays longer than the usual powder eyeshadow. If you have eyelids that is oily, may I suggest that you put a primer first, then powder before application so that it won’t be cakey.

I mentioned,  „…AS A HIGHLIGHTER…“

If you want an additional dewy look, you can apply this along the most bony prominent part of your cheeks and temples after applying BB Cream or liquid foundation. you will notice how you face glows alot and it looks flawless as it reflects light. After that, you can use face powder to set it and make it longer lasting.  This is what I always do before leaving the house because I am not fond of putting so much color on my face. So what I do is to make it glow even without too much colors. Also, along the tear ducts, I use this to brighten my eyes but not often. I only do this technique when I have big events to attend at school or anywhere.

This is suitable for all skin types. Just make sure that you will wipe it very well before sleeping at night because sometimes, even if you wash your face, some traces are left behind.

Recommendations: I recommend these two products  for daily use if you are fond of putting a complete make up as it doesn’t irritate the skin.