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It is a 25g loose powder that has a soft sheer effect, giving you a radiant complexion; the texture is fine, just like a baby powder. I got this at Ever Department Store for only Php 150 and it is my second choice when it comes to powder because it is affordable and very good at concealing blemishes and perfect for photographic make up. Sometimes, I use this to set my BB Cream for a rosy look; what I do is to sprinkle a little amount of it on the top cover then use my foundation brush, and apply it in a dabbing motion to avoid caking.

Here is the photo of Nichido Loose powder when blended on Skin:


Although I love this product, I also do not use this on everyday basis because this is like a foundation. We know that smooth skin is better achieved when you put ‚less.‘ It somehow caused me to breakout maybe due to its content, Bismuth Oxychloride- which is a skin irritant.

If I’m not going to use this everyday, I don’t breakout… But if I use this for maybe 3-5 consecutive days, I would probably develop white heads and soon will become pimples.

I know we have different reactions to chemicals but for me, IT IS NOT GOOD TO USE EVERYDAY. It’s okay to use this as long as you will not develop blemishes but once you notice that acne/comedones start to appear on your skin, please discontinue use. It may not be the right product for you.