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This is my most favorite lip gloss and so far, the best among everything that I’ve ever used~ It really looks sexy and girly.

What I love most about this is the very sticky texture. I love it because it is not easily wiped-off my lips and gives it an added pinkish color as well.

This perferctly matches my Missha Moisture Lipstick (pk 301) but it can also be used alone without looking pale.

It has fine shimmer that makes it look sexy. Also, I recommend this if you want a natural-looking fuller lips.

Among the shades of this lipgloss, I can say that this has the most pigment. The other shade like Pk 001 is also nice and gives pinkish color but not so pigmented and glittery as this one, the pk 005.

The content is enough to last for couple of months and it has a sponge tip which makes it glide easily.

In this photo, I am wearing Missha Moisture Lipstick pk 301 with Missha light lip gloss Pk 005. This photo was taken during our baccalaureate mass last April 13, 2011.


Rating: 5 / 5. There’s nothing I can complain about this product.