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Active Ingredients: Mulberry Root Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Vitamins A, C, E

Also Contains: Water, Propylene glycol, polyvinyl alcohol, PVP, Alcohol, PEG-60, Hydrogenated castor oil, titanium dioxide, allantoin, panthenol, camellia sinensis leaf extract, tocopheryl acetate, retinyl palmitate, ascorbic acid, oryza sativa bran extract, methylparaben, disodium EDTA, fragrance

Net Wt: 50 g (1.76 oz)

Price: Php 189

Where to buy: You can find this at Watson’s Beauty Shop and other leading department stores nationwide (Philippines only)

This blackhead remover seem to be my skin’s friend. I really love the way it cleans my nose area specially after a make up tutorial. All I do is spread an ample amount of it, using my fingertips, on my nose and allow it to dry.

The first time I saw this on store, I was thinking „What is the difference between this one and the face pack?“ Because they really look similar. But if you are going to look at their ingredient, you will notice that they are different when it comes to concentration and some other contents, though most of it are similar.

While allowing it to dry for about 30 minutes, I noticed that my skin over the nose area tightens and the pack becomes shinier and slightly yellowish.

This is the exact image of me while having the pack on my nose… It’s kinda messy for me but it really works well!~

See how many blackheads are there??? Thanks to this nose pack!~ I can’t imagine those dirt under my skin being trapped!!!~ eeeeeewwwwwwwwiiiiiiiieeeee~~~

After I had peeled off the dried pack, I noticed a smoother and softer skin. Of course, at first it is slightly reddish, but it fades away as time goes by. For best results, use it 2-3x a week.

***This pack is available in 3g sachet (where it was originally sold out to the market) for Php 20 and available in most beauty stores nationwide (Philippines only)