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Show the love for Luview!!!~

This is a side-by-side photo of the Luview BB Cream.. I really enjoyed taking photos of it because it is so cute and I really love it!~

I got this one when I joined the Luview 100 likes event and I really can’t believe that I was one of the lucky angels who were chosen to be winner. As I received this, I really really got excited to use it because I’d been hearing more about it. So, to prove what they are saying, I tried and see it for myself. So.. tadddaaa!!!~ I’ve come up with this review. Hope it will all help you in choosing your products!~


– Covering blemishes / pores
– Whitening
– Sebum control
– natural skin cover

Nt. Wt: 40 ml

How to use:

At the final stage of skin care, take appropriate amount and apply for light pounding (tapping). Separate use of make up base and powder is not required.

I have here some photos of unblended, slightly blended, fully blended

Just a pea size and let’s see how it blends!!

and here’s how it makes the skin blooming!!~

Here’s what I can say about this amazing BB Cream:

1. The packaging is so elegant. Not so feminine but really classy and unique.

2. The tube has a pointed tip that will enable a clean drop of the cream.

3. It smells like a bubblegum.. Oh I am not so sure if it is bubblegum but it’s what I’ve perceived!!~ ^_^ but really, I’m so sure that everyone will love it!~

4. The consistency of the cream is somewhat liquidy but as I spread it on skin, it dries like a powder. This is why I really love it!~

5. It is able to control my sebum/oil for couple of hours- maybe 6 to 8 hours. After 6 to 8 hours, my face starts to oil, but i think that is normal for a person with oily skin. Primer just slows down the oil production but not really stop it. Thanks to elderberry and  blackberry which made it possible.

6. It helped me save my make up base and face powder. It is really smooth to apply on skin and as what I’ve said, it dries like powder. So after I apply this, I jump to my blush on..

7. It has enough content that will last for months.

8. It has extracts that help soothe the skin such as aloe vera.

9. It serves as a primer and bb cream in one because it not only covers the blemishes but also the pores. so you don’t have to worry that much if you have big pores. Thanks to swiss almond, centella and aloe vera for making such a beautiful flawless skin.

10. Not yet available in many countries. For orders, please visit Luview Official Website

Ratings: 4.9/5 since it really helped me prevent my oil production which is my main concern about cosmetics. Though it is not yet available in many countries, soon it can be purchased online with some discounts.. hopefully!!~

Recommendations: If you have oily sensitive skin, this one is for you!~