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** This is only a sample sachet so I could not give you the information about the ingredients‘ list.


I’ve used this twice and this is my comment:

– The sachet has a cute design of a singing peach! hahah

– It is like a transparent gel.

-On my first use, I felt that my sebum is somehow controlled but after some minutes, I developed small pimples on my cheeks! YES~ after some minutes.. So I stopped it to see if the pimples would disappear. Like what I wanted, the pimples fade without leaving marks.

-After 3 days, I tried to use the product again and the same problem occured. I saw some tiny pimples on the same cheeks upon waking up so I decided not to use it again. What I did is to put a recovery cream on my face, and the small pimples flattened after some hours. I still have a lot of cream left in the sachet but I think it’s not good for my skin so I just kept it in my kit.

-I have a very sensitive skin so I am very careful with the products that I use. If you experience the same, please don’t let something happen before you stop it. Don’t go after what you’ve spent. Listen to your skin. It may not be the right product for you.