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„Scar is Beauty. It didn’t arise from the dying but rather it means survival.“

This quote seem to catch my attention. Yes, I believe so~ this is true. But physically, having scars (from pimple or any wound) sometimes may bring a low self esteem to most people, especially women. So, here’s how we can better prevent it.
1. Blackheads, whiteheads, and pustules heal faster when they are manually removed, though most of the time, it is not advised to prick them because it can damage the skin. So, if you are planning to prick them, please don’t overdo it!! If it did not response at first action, leave them or you will have wounds then later on, scars.

2. When you have a wound, don’t try to remove the scab. Allow it to recover by itself and eventually, it will fall off when it’s totally okay.

3. Avoid scratching too much at an insect bite.

4. Just in case you have scars already, try to apply natural lemon juice. It helps lighten the skin discoloration/scars.

5. For pimple scars, if you want to use lemon on it, be sure to dilute first with water so that it won’t be corrosive to the skin. Use it on the last stage when you wash your face.

I’ve done this steps before and find it effective for me. We have different skin types and the effects of these methods might also be different to each of us. ^_^ It may take a little longer time for some and shorter for others before they see the results.