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Nail polish is so cute and sassy for a lady’s hand. But sometimes, it can also lead to nail damage. When you wear a nail polish for quite a long time, remove it and you will see that your nails are yellowish~ Sometimes that yellowish part of the nails also tend to be dry that they peel off.

So, here’s just a very simple tip for you!!~

1. Yes, nail polish is cute but if you can avoid wearing it all the time, do so or your nails will suffer.

2. The discoloration, to be honest will not fade easily, what you can do is to wait for it to get long and then cut~

3. Try to soak your hands in a water with a little amount of soap for 3 to 5 minutes to make it softer and then brush it to smoothen the surface. Using a nail pusher is not that good because it can make the nails look deep. Brushing also helps minimize the discoloration of the nails.