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When you heard of „snail secretion in a beauty product“ does it make you think twice or rather does it makes you even more excited? Nowadays, new inventions come to create a better skin care product. I am a fan of skin care products and to honestly tell you, I really love most of them especially Korean products. I am not a racist. It just so happened that I found the most gentle formula with Korean products. So, to give you a full detail about what I have discovered about the latest craze about Korean skin care which is the snail cream, I wrote this post.

What is snail cream?

According to history about 400 BC, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, began to use crashed snails and milk to treat skin redness.He noted in one of his many medical journals that the rate of delivery of the snail serum was what made it such a precious ingredient; When applied to human skin, the healing properties of snail serum functioned as a moisturizer and relieved red, irritated areas of skin. With habitual usage, he again wrote that the skin surface was kept clear and brilliant. This same element is what currently helps people remedy inflammation, regulate acne, and even dissolve stretch marks.

For additional information, snails are also rich in collagen. They have the ability to biologically produce the only ingredient in the universe solely made for the intention of remodeling skin and keeping it healthy. Snail Serum is the Miracle Skin Care Solution Found in Snail Creams.

When applied to clean skin, the snail serum will fuse with your skin cells and:

* Promote the natural healing processes of your skin.

* Enhance the skin’s ability to recover from the effects of dangerous agents and traumas caused by accidents.

* Dissolves dying cells, and abnormal keratin plugs, and uses their amino-acids and other elements for the rebuilding of healthy molecules to replace blemished skin.

* Triggers the orderly repair and regeneration of flawed and sun burned skin cells.

* Promotes the development of the water holding carbohydrate molecules within the skin.

* Improves the capability of skin to emit antimicrobials and kill microbes.

* The bioactive ingredient is enclosed in liposomes for deep penetration into affected cells and slow delivery to guarantee your cells are furnished the bioactive molecules up to 12 hours after application.

So much benefits for snail creams huh? I’m sure you are now thinking about this one already~ Like me, I hope you’ll also have a good time using snail creams ^_^

much love~ ^_^

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