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Eyebrows are the frame of our faces. It can make you look like you’ve had your makeup on even when you’ve only applied the eyebrow color. This part is really tricky because you have to choose a shade three times lighter than your hair to match your makeup. For me, I prefer using a brown eyebrow pencil and then brush it off to soften the color. Feathery strokes is one technique to create a natural look.
On the other hand, eyeshadows can also be used to color the eyebrows. Dark brown and black, when combined creates a beautiful eyebrow color. It looks soft and natural but don’t forget to brush it after application.


Avoid shaving/plucking your brows into one line as it can make you look older; Just clear the mess around it and create a slight arch so that you can maintain a younger look on your face.

* Credits to Miss Paula Begoun’s Book Don’t Go to The Cosmetics Counter without me Second Edition.