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Eyelining is often thought an easy step~ just choose brown or black. But if you want to be creative, the number of options for lining the eye can be astounding: liquid liners, thin eye pencils, fat eye pencils, automatic eye pencil, felt-tip eye penci, pencils that have a peel off material and doesn’t have to be sharpened, pencils with sponges at the end, waterproof pencils, and gel liners.

The different textures produce a wide assortment of looks from subtle to exotic. Liquid liners, felt-tip pen, gel liners create a more dramatic, obvious line; thin pencils can look either soft or obvious. Automatic liner I can say is the most convenient anyway.
How do you choose?

It depends on the look that you want. Experimentation is the best thing to do to know which ones you prefer.
liquid liner and gel liner is best used if you want a perfect almond shaped eyes, while pencil liners are best if you want a soft look or when tight-lining.

To create a natural look, you can use a liquid liner or gel liner on the top eyeline. Do not include the lower rim of the eyes and extend only a little. For me the outward-to-inward technique works best when applying eyeliners as I do not need to stretch my skin.
Beauty tip:

Never stretch nor pull your eyelids for it can cause premature eye wrinkling. You can use a cotton buds to widen the eyes better.

* Credits to Miss Paula Begoun’s Book Don’t Go to The Cosmetics Counter without me Second Edition.