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Product Description According to Manufacturer:

SCR301 : Vivid Yellow Coral Color

Net Wt: 3.5 g

– Softly melting texture helps express even color with soft & high adherence.

– It provides In & out volumizing effect to express luxury volume color with spread reflection of pearl by covering wrinkles on the lips effectively.
1. In-volumizing
Containing sweet almond peptide and marine collagen, it helps to keep elasticity of lips. Containing 7 jewelry ingredients of amethyst, tourmaline, pearl, platinum, diamond, ruby and Inca rose powder with convex 3D powder, it helps express glamorous color and cover wrinkles on the lips effectively.
2. Out-volumizing Convex 3D powder helps express smooth lips.

– It helps keep vivid and healthy volume color with 12 hours‘ moisturizing & color fix system. Moisture filling sphere, which contains natural moisturizing ingredient of Sodium PCA and marine collagen in powder, fills moisture inside wrinkles on the lips to make your lips keep moisture.

What can I say about this?

– Has a classy packaging that complements feminine’s sophistication and elegance.

-This lipstick is really ideal for daily use as it does not look too shocking though it has a bright color.

– The texture is smooth and easy to glide on the lips and does not form ‚cracks‘ even for several hours and can be used without lipgloss.

– What I love most about it is the natural look that remains in an elegant manner. The fine shimmer and the shade itself makes the look complete even without the complete makeup application. 

– It is long lasting and stays on the lips even after lunch!~

– can be used as a cream blusher; does not irritate the skin (I’ve tried it once when I had too and it looked good on me~)

– Costs $ 15-16 and has limited availability in some countries.

– Has enough moisture that keeps the lips hydrated keeping it soft and kissable ^_^

Above is my actual photo wearing this lipstick.

Rating: 5/5 I truly loved this product and I’m so happy about it. Thanks to Korea Cosmetics for sending this lovely gift to me ^_^