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Hi ladies~

I have here Authentic Korean Cosmetics. I have used them slightly (for tutorials and reviews) and now I am selling them in their half prices. I would like to go into business and most of these products are not available yet here in our country while some of it are highly sold in malls.

Since this is my first time on selling cosmetics, I wish you’ll support my very first COSMETIC BLOG SALE.

Here’s the Price list of the Products I am selling:

Luview One Touch Sun Powder (light Beige)- 95% full
original price: Php 1,049.46/ US$24.60
NEW PRICE: Php 524

Luview Glossy Kiss Lipgloss 2-in-1 (sweet pink, rosy pink)- 80% full
orig. price: Php 563.127/ US$ 13.20
NEW PRICE: Php Php 281

Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge (vivid yellow coral)- 90% full
Orig. Price: Php 682. 151/ US$ 15.99
NEW PRICE: Php 341

The Skin Food Seaweed Waterproof Eyeliner (Deep Black) 98% unconsumed
Orig. Price: Php 544. 168/ US$ 12.99
NEW PRICE: Php 277

The Skin Shop Magic Science BB Cream (Light Beige- 1 shade for all skin tone)- 90% full
Orig. Price: Php 915/ 24,000 Korean Won
NEW PRICE: Php 457

The Skin Shop Magic Science Gel liner (black)- 98% unconsumed
Orig Price: Php 457.259/ 12,000 Korean Won
NEW PRICE: Php 228

Relian Mascara Black Series- 80% full
Original Price: Php 469.2721/ US$ 11
NEW PRICE: Php 234

The Face Shop Me:Ex Petit Angle Blusher (soft sunset)- 80% full
Orig. Price: Php 767.473/ US$ 17.99
NEW  PRICE: Php 383

Etude House Petit Darling Eyeshadow Cream (Cubic lemon) Only- 80% full
Original Price: Php 150

Luview Real Shiny Eyes 4-in-1 (lovely pink, Baby pink, beige, deep brown)
Orig. Price: Php 895.465/ 23,500 Korean Won
NEW PRICE: Php 447

**Sophie Martin Lipstick (Cotton Peach)- unused but the seal is open.
Original Price: Php 79

together with

**Glish Trio Gloss- unused
Original Price: Php 60

** Sophie Martin Lipstick and Glish Trio gloss shoud be purchased together and not as separate

By the way, they do not have their individual boxes anymore as I have lost them already so these products will be put in different boxes/container when shipped.

Shipping fee is Php 100. Kindly send me a message  at my facebook personal account  for inquiries; I will respond to you as soon as possible. Mode of payment is thru BPI. Please present a photo of your proof of payment once you are paid.

You can also check my blog posts for accurate reviews about these products.

Hoping for your kind support~

Much Love,

Izell ❤