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This eyeliner seem to catch my attention when I went to Etude Play House. Though I really love it, I did not buy it because I already have my liquid eyeliner. My friend Tina was the one who bought it when we were still in our college days but I always borrow it from her. Hahahah whatta I’m not the owner but I always use it~ By the way, she got it for Php 498. Let’s see if it’s worth the price!

Since I’ve already tried it many times, maybe it’s enough for me to give my opinion about this product. I wasn’t able to make a swatch for it so I’ll just simply tell the exact things I’ve noticed.

– It is a pen-type eyeliner that is easier to control and easy to apply than the liquid ones.

– Its color is somehow like a dull black with few glitters.

– Once you apply it, the lines that you draw quickly dries and somehow smudges on my crease after few hours. This is the one that disappointed me. I don’t like liners that smudge!!

– The pen ink does not dry fast, however, the ink itself is not so pigmented.

– It has a cute design but I don’t think it’s worth the price. It’s too expensive to spend for a liquid liner like this. If you are a fan of eyeliners, well, I would not recommend this but it’s still up to you if you wanna try it. The good thing is that, I did not buy one.

Rating: 2/5. It has a cute design and attractive packaging overall but I don’t think it’s enough to spend this amount with its kind of quality. I won’t attempt to buy one since I’ve already tried my friend’s and was not satisfied at all.