Hi guys!

How have you all been? Lately, there are so many things that happen so I couldn’t just keep you posted. You might think that I’m a bit neglectful as a blogger because I don’t update you that much so now I’d like to share something with you. It’s not about the usual stuff that I share (about health and beauty) but rather about a more serious detail that most of us do not recognize.

To be honest with all of you, I feel like everything right now is changing their way. Something like it’s present today and tomorrow it’s gone. I keep on adjusting but it’s too fast for me. I don’t know exactly how to say it but with your own perspective, how do you cope with changes?

Personally, I don’t have that specific formula to cope with changes. One thing is sure~ it will go on for the better. Changing a degree or a career is one thing that is running in my mind now but I’m not so sure about everything because a lot of feedback are coming. I really wanted to change my degree/career since I think my current is not working any better. I know that it is helpful sometimes but I’m eyeing for something that will give me a progress. Running a business is one of my goals but I know it will really take me sometime to achieve it. As of now, all I want is to have a good job that lasts and a simple happy living.

Oh, another thing is that when I encounter people who touched my heart. They really mean so much to me and I always wanted to stay close to them… So close that I never wanted them out my sight! hahahahah 🙂 What I’m gonna do with it? Nothing… I just let them feel how special they are to me. 

changes, changes, changes… I don’t know what it will bring me but I’m hoping that it’s really going to be for the better if not the best.