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Do you still remember how the diapers become the trend during the 50’s or how the computers and software become popular during the 90’s? It seems that there’s an endless search for improvement and now it is 2012, what do you think is the trend for the most people? You’re right. It’s about the anti-aging and health improvement. People would like to grow young and healthy especially those who are in their mid 30’s to mid 50’s and so many products come out to support their personal needs and one of them is the Dove Beauty Bar.

it looks like a soap but when you actually use it, you will feel that there’s a unique softness that is left after you washed your body. I can also say that it is harder than olay age-defying bar and I think that it will make it last long. Infairness, olay age defying bar has alot of moisturizers than dove but I love them both.

So let’s go to the contents:

Most of its content are actually slip agents and skin softeners. It has less contents compare to other soaps so for me, I would say that it’s better because only few chemicals are there.

By the way, this bar has different scents available and it can be 90 g or the 135 g. There are lots to choose from so it’s up to you what you love the most. It is also available in most department stores, groceries, beauty stores and other major stores nationwide for about Php 40-60~ So affordable 🙂

** The first time I used it years ago already, I noticed that my skin becomes itchy and slightly red so I stopped it. The same thing happened when I used it for the second time so I had a bad impression that it’s not a good product anyway so I did not buy it again. Now, I don’t know what seems to be the reason why I experienced those because today, my skin actually loves it! It gives me a fresh scent without the dry skin and those itchy feeling and redness that I had before.

It has a creamy lather that makes me enjoy my showertime and makes me feel refreshed.

Though I had some skin sensitivities about it before, what’s important is now my skin loves it So I’ll give it a 4.4/5 score. Hope you’ll love it too!