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Company’s product description:

– Dual functional cosmetic of Wrinkle Repairing & Whitening

– Concentrated essence booster awakens energy from deep inside by improving harmony of skin. It moisturizes dehydrated skin by supplying nutritious Ginseng Water and improves radiance by pure gold with 80 kinds of oriental herbal extracts.

– It creates perfect skin condition for better absorption and benefit on the next step of skin care.

– 5 free formula for comfortable skin

(Colorants-free, Paraben-free, Triclosan-free, Mineral oil-free, GMO-free)

– Contains Spiceberry Extract (Ardisia Crenata), patent ingredient for anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation [Patent No. 10-0748851]

– Dermatologist tested

– 24 hour moisture sustainability tested

– Skin adherence tested

* DIRECTIONS : At the first step of basic skin care, apply an appropriate amount and spread over the face from inside towards outside. Warm up the skin with hands and pat lightly until fully absorbed.

* Main Ingredients : Ginseng Water, Wild Ginseng Extract 5%, Deer Antlers, Reishi Mushroom, Pure Gold 5,000 mg/100ml, Younnyeniksoobulrodan

My Comments ^_^

I have used this product for less than a week and I can say that it has a thin and slippery consistency. The essence has no colorants but has tiny particles of gold that dissolves in the skin when you spread it. I did not feel any symptom of irritation when I used it and it does not make my skin look oily. I only have limited product to try so I wasn’t able to see its lightening effect but when it comes to moisturizing, it does the job very well. Lastly, it is not yet available in the Philippines but in some other countries (and can be purchased online. Visit for more info).