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Price: Php 110

Sold by Avon ladies nationwide for pre-order

Net Wt: 3.5 g
Shade: redish with a touch of peach

The texture is waxy but not oily nor creamy. The pigmentation is just okay~ What i mean by okay is like the usual lipsticks that are available in the market. It will stay for 2-3 hours if you don’t eat but will get wiped off once you do. It is smooth and easy to glide on the lips but as it stays there, it feels dry, as if the wax is getting dry when exposed to the air.


It also somehow leaves clumps on the lines of the lips after sometime. I think it is better when you use a lipgloss on its top to avoid the unnecessary clumping and dry feeling, this way, i appreciate the lipstick better than on its own. The scent is good, like a fruity flavor by the way, and I love the shade since it has a touch of peach. It is very affordable and can be ordered to Avon sellers.
Rating: 3/5 i may or may not repurchase this product the next time. The quality is just okay (meaning, i am not disapponted nor impressed).