Hey ya!


Recently I have been blogging new stuffs about cosmetics as usual and I really miss this thing like spending time in front of the pc sharing personal thoughts behind those beauty tips. I really like the way my life is turning now… As you can see, I was quite emotional the past months. Not to mention the reason (but i actually mentioned them here!!), i think it’s about time to start a new outlook in life by now.. I’m not that young to waste time on having too much dramas in life. you know what, it’s a big relief for me whenever i talk to you this way. I feel more comfortable like talking to a friend.


Tomorrow, my siblings an I will have a swimming and it’s really exciting for me because it’s already 10 years since the last time i dived into a pool! believe me… i never had a swimming the past ten years so it’s a big deal for me!!


I’m also looking forward to my back-to-school drama on june 13.. oh..i’ll tell you, this is my second degree already. I’m going to take up radiologic technology because i believe that it will give me progress in life..


I’m just a simple person you know… I had 2 suitors just lately  and i’m happy to date them both but i think it’s not yet the right time for me to have that one… and i still keep on hoping and waiting for that REAL ONE!


I miss my friends so much.. so much that i want to turn back those times but i know i can’t.. I really miss Joan, ryan irvin, ena and all of my radio friend (you know who you are!!)




Thanks for those who supported me thru my blog and to Korea Cosmetics for entrusting me their products for reviews and beauty tips as well…^_^