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Beauty tips officially by:

Hey ya!

I’d like to share with you my best beauty tips that are easy to do especially when you’re in a hurry.
1. use bb cream or tinted mosturizer instead of foundation when you have a tired face. This helps the skin look glowing and natural.

2. dirt on the eyes or smudgy eyeliner/ eye makeup? use a cotton buds/ Q-tip to remove it without smearing on the other sides.

3. cakey makeup on the mid-day? try to spray a facial mist or just an ordinary water on your sponge then pat it on the face.

4. to achieve a round-shaped eyes,apply your eyeliner a little bit thicker on the middle part; for almond shaped-eyes, extend the wings of your eyeliner just a few millimeters.

5. forgot your blush-on? dab some lipstick on your cheeks and blend them well.

6. have some ink stain on your colored/polished nails? try to put a toothpaste on a cotton and rub it against your nails!

7. if your face looks a little bit flat, try to use a highlighter on the upper part of the cheek bones, a little bit on the nose bridge and also at the chin area!

8. Want an alternative for powder for daytime touch up? Use a blotting paper to remove excess oil on your face!

9. Is your hair becoming dry and frizzy? put some drops of baby oil to your shampoo and mix them before using.

10. to achieve pouty lips, try using a tinted lipgloss with shimmer or choose a light shade lipstick.

11. looking for an eyeshadow that is definitely wearable? use brown and white eyeshadows as your combination.

12. don’t forget to curl your lashes and use mascara if you want to open up your eyes even more.

13. don’t want lipstick stains on your teeth? after applying your lipstick, pout your lips then wipe the part nearer to the inside.

14. have a hard time removing your makeup? apply moisturizer on your face then wipe it off with cotton pad.

15. if your foundation tends to get darker as it stays longer on your face, you might be acidic so choose the one with a lighter shade.

16. dry and chapped lips? apply petroleum jelly then rub it with sugar before rinsing.

17. looking for a moisturizer for oily skin? Choose the one with a thin consistency and the one that is water-soluble.

18. want to look younger? why not have some fringe/bangs!

19. if you want your makeup to look complete even it is not really complete, then don’t forget to define your brows.

20. do you run out of foundation? apply tinted moisturizer or makeup base then set it with powder.

21. dab a little bit of red lipstick on your fingertips and blend it well on your lips to achieve a natural kissable lips.

22. to make your makeup last longer, use primer!

23. having an acne always on one side of your face? it might be due to your phone or pillow case so always keep them clean.

24. to prevent split ends, avoid going out with wet hair!

25. to keep your armpit smoother, pluck instead of shaving.

I hope you have a great day!

❤ Izell ❤