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It’s been said that our hair is our crowning glory so we have to take care of it as much as our skin. There are lots of products that promise a beautiful shiny and healthy hair but it doesn’t mean that they are true. Some of them do more damage than improvement.

A colored hair needs a double care than the natural ones because it is exposed to a chemical which is the colorant itself. I myself had dyed my hair so I give it more attention.Below are some tips on how to take care of our colored hair:

1. Avoid too much sun exposure- prolonged and frequent exposure to the sun can make the hair brittle and dull plus you can create more split ends with it. you don’t like your hair to look lifeless, right?

2. Avoid using hair spray- hair sprays can make the hair stiff and rough. If you do this everyday, you will notice that your hair’s texture is changing, same when you always use a hair gel. I remember someone who is fond of using hair gel when he was young. His straight hair then became  curly when he grew up.

3. Having your hair rebonded when you have a colored hair- This is a big no-no when you are planning to rebond your hair because it will cause you to get damages and breakage.  For your information, you can only have your hair rebonded twice in a year.

4. Always use a conditioner- because your hair is colored, you may find it often dry and a little bit rough so don’t forget this basic hair care!

5. Avoid too much blow drying and perming- yes, blow drying and perming gives the hair a good shape and volume but in the long run, your hair will turn dry and dull as much as when you are exposed to the sun. Remember, they both have HEAT!