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First, I would like to thank Korea cosmetics for allowing me to try this amazing product. it is something that I would really want to have in my life as my skin care.

i received this last june 27, 2012 and am using it for almost a month already and it really made a difference on my skin. From reddish, it turned glowing and even smoother. The pimple marks (discoloration on skin) faded and my face looked dewy at the same time. I used this as my make up base in the morning and moisturizer by night together with my antibiotic for pimples (i put the antibiotic first then this one).

If you could still remember, I posted something about my favorite skin care line which includes this and the other products.

Aside from making my skin smooth, it also become a little bit bright, soft with finer pores. Well, you can still see my pores but it was minimized. i actually use this together with the doctor salt and antibiotic that is why the result is really good. The acne breakout was prevented, the pimple marks fade in less than a week and i did not notice any other irritations. By the way, I also allowed my sister to use this and she told me it’s great!

About the content, mainly it is made of different plant extracts and oils and moisture-keeping substances such as sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, squalane, capric triglyceride, tocopherol,and protein such as peptides.

expiry date

expiry date

The consistency is watery and does not feel sticky on the skin. It is also easily absorbed once you put it.

The scent is somewhat citrusy and botanical at the same time. It really relaxes me whenever I use it.

It is contained in a 50 g tube that looks really classy and hygienic due to its pump. There is also a part where you can see the amount of the remaining serum in the tube.

The photos below show how my skin really improved after 3 weeks of use. I used here the camera of my Nokia C3 phone. I took these photos before I sleep (on the first and last day of use).



before and after

before and after

For me this is really advisable to be used by those who have troubled skin as my skin really improve and I could say that it is effective. The only thing is the availability because it’s not sold in our country.

Rating: 6/5 YES! you saw it right! it even exceeded my satisfaction rating that’s why I give it 6/5… I highly recommend this especially if it’s available in your country. So far, this is the best serum that I’ve tried.

For more details, please visit Korea Cosmetics Official Website