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I love lipsticks and lipglosses more than any kind of makeup. It is because whenever I apply them to my lips, I feel that my look is already complete even if I haven’t put my makeup on. It also helps me achieve the pouty lips that I love which creates a very seductive look. My lips are my asset so I highlight it more by applying a tinted and shimmery lipgloss and Missha lucid berry lips helped me achieve it.

It is in a very simple tube with a silver cap. For me, it is such a good idea because lipgloss with applicators expire faster than those that are in tubes because they are not easily contaminated. Also, it is handy and can be put even in small pouches.

According to its packaging, it contains pearl powder that’s why it is shimmery. I really love how it adheres to my lips because it is long lasting. If I eat while wearing this, it will be wiped off and that is the usual thing about lipglosses but this one leaves some pigment and shimmer to the lips even the actual oil/gloss is already removed.

I also love how it gives color to my lips because it is not too pink and it matches my look whether I have my makeup on or none.

The consistency, by the way, is too thick that’s why it stays long. The scent is also very good and makes me wanna use it daily and lastly, I use lipbrush to apply because it looks better compared when you apply it using your fingertips or if you direct the tube to your lips.