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Hi guys, this is kind of a late blog post. I received this set last november 2011 together with the other The Face Shop product ofcourse from Korea Cosmetics but the review is written just now. I hope you understand that I am also busy like you and writing a review really has to have a separate schedule. Anyways, lets jump into the product!

The set is comprised of 5 different masks ( i already wrote reviews on the 2 masks, months ago so I am going to review the remaining 3) with different flavors (haha what should I call them? ^_^) with different functions as well but their common thing is „to moisturize and revitalize the tired skin.“

Like the most masks that I’ve tried, the directions on how to use them are the same~ apply them on your clean face and allow it to stay there for 15-20 minutes for the essence to be absorbed. Don’t forget to massage your skin after you remove the mask.

As what I have noticed, it is only the red ginseng that has a different essence color (reddish brown) compare to others that are colorless.

They all have the same content (20 ml per pack) and has the same mask size.

The olive mask is somewhat oilier than the other masks in this set but not to the point that it really feels oily. I use them at night before I sleep but on different days so I don’t see that much change aside from a moist and realaxing feeling while the mask is on. The scent is really good; smells like the real fruit/plant that’s why it is so calming.

For me, it is a good thing to put mask if you feel that your skin is getting dull and tired because it indulges the skin to a handful of essences that energize it.

About its ingredients, they almost have the similar contents such as the moisturizers but not with their active ingredients. they also contain paraben and fragrance but so far, i did not notice any skin irritation while I use them.
In local The Face Shop stores, you will find these masks that cost about Php 100+.