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Beauty in Rice cleansing gel, a patented article as no. 10-0659512 by Korea is a functional cosmetic product for skin moisturizing, skin beautifier and skin protection. It contains extracts of rice and herbs. Because it reinforces the natural cosmetics, it is very effective in protecting skin, whitening skin color and relieving wrinkles. Cleansing Gel deeply washes the skin and helps regenerate new beautiful skin cells.

Main Ingredients: Rice extract, Herb extract, Hyaluronic acid, Fruit acid.

Directions :

Gently wash your face with Cleansing gel twice a day.

I got this from Korea cosmetics together with the other products for review. It is packed in a small container (with a diameter of 2 cm ang height of 1.5 cm) when I received it so I only had a little time to use it.

Honestly, I was able to use it for 3 days twice a day (6 uses all in all). I thought it would never last that long because the sample is very limited but due to its concentration, a pea size of it really gave me a bubbly and creamy lather enough to wash my face.

As I rub the foam gently on my skin, I felt that there are few undissolvable beads as well. Maybe it is intended for exfoliation but it didn’t have something to do with my skin since the scrub beads is not enough to exfoliate because i only used it in small amount.

After washing my face, I felt that it is cool, moist, and not tight nor dry. I also see my face became a lttle bit bright and it was able to remove the traces of makeup and excess oil on my face.

The scent is also good, it reminds me of the luview bubble cleansing foam which I got last year from 100-likes event. All in all, it was a good facial wash because it lived up its claim of moist and radiant skin.