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I’d been using this shampoo and conditioner for almost 2 months and I can say that this must be a good hair conditioner as my hair is softened but there’s nothing too special about this product because it’s like any other conditioner that I’ve tried. Actually, I couldn’t see that much difference compared to the other Dove conditioners in terms of scent and effect.

I got this on Robinson’s Grocery. The shampoo is sold for Php 49 and the conditioner Php 61. This is really affordable and sold in most groceries nationwide.

I used this continuously hoping that the hairfall will be prevented or if not, be lessened. As i used it on my first day, the falling hair that I got right after I took a bath, was 23 strands all in all. On the second day, it was just the same.

It didn’t bother me that much because I was still observing everything and how it will work on my hair. As I mentioned before, it was a good hair conditioner because it made my hair soft and manageable but it did not live its promise of minimizinig the hair fall, which was my primary concern.

I know that it’s normal to have 50 to 100 falling hair a day but I think it’s not pretty good that I lose hair everyday  that’s why I tried this.

I thought it could be somehow helpful for me but I guess it’s not the answer to my problem.
Rating: 2.5/5 since it did not helped me reduce the hairfall. Everyday I wake up, there are still falling hair on my pillow plus when I take a bath, more hair is shedding off my scalp.
P.S. I know one product that could help me solve this so watch out for my next post if you are also suffering from the same hair problem~