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Price: Php 120 for a set comprising 3 pieces

Net Wt: 100 g each bar

Availability: Department stores, groceries, supermarkets nationwide

expiry date!

This beauty bar is my skin’s bestfriend since summer. Years ago, my skin doesn’t seem to love Dove beauty bars and it tend to get itchy and reddish everytime I use it but when I tried it again lately, that hypersensitivity did not manifest on me anymore so from that day until now, I use Dove as my regular bath soap simply because it is smooth and beautiful to the skin.


Actually, there’s nothing too different with this bar copared as compared to Dove White beauty bar. They are almost the same in so many things~ except for their fragrance and color. Their fragrance, should I say, is almost identical but you can still differentiate it from one another.

Just like the Dove White beauty bar, it gives my skin the moisture that I need to keep my skin soft and smooth. The hardness of this bar is really just the same as the white counter part.

Oh, I got this one in a set unlike the white beauty bar which I bought individually because there’s no set available for that one but only this so I took the opportunity to have it so I can also save my money.
I love using Dove pink bar because I feel so refreshed all day and I will surely use this for the next days and months and years as long as it is available in the market.