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Price: Php 144 for 100 ml tubes; Php 82 for 50 ml tubes

Availability: Watson’s store, leading department stores nationwide

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Clean and clear has always been my turning point everytime I find my skin troubled with pimples especially on the jaw line. It gives my skin a clear complexion little-by-little gaining my confidence back. This is my third time to purchase the product and I am loving it since my very first use. The good thing I like about it is how it cleanses my skin leaving it bright and oil-free. But since my skin is quite oily all the time, after an hour from washing my face, my nose starts to get shiny. After 2-3 hours, my cheeks and forehead would be oily too.

It is also a non-drying and non-peeling facial wash that is safe to use everyday. It is able to remove excess oil very well but if I wear makeup, some traces are left so I need to use a toner right after. But if i don’t wear makeup and I use this, there’s totally no traces of dirt seen on my cotton pad.

It contains rice extract oil that is helpful for treating pimples. No wonder why I find it effective because it contains a special ingredient proven to clear up the skin. it also smells good like grapes (I’m not so sure if it is grapes but it is fruity yeah!~) The consistency is like a cream and turns out to be a foam when you rub it on a wet skin. A pea size is enough to wash the face but if you’d like to add some more, then there’s no problem about that.

Rating: 4.7/5 I really love it and would use this as long as it is available in the stores. If you are looking for a facial wash that is able to clear up pimples, you can give this a try and tell me how it worked for you!