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Hi Leeizell,

My name is MyThon, I am a woman, I like your video. Do You sell something for Face or perfumer wax …? I want to buy it but I dont know how to connect to buy it. I just go back from Japan, i m in Vietnam now. Im a vietnamese. I do care my skin. So I connect to u if u sell something, I will buy it for myself, because I need that thing.
Thank u

My Response:

hi mython, i am sorry to tell you but i am no longer selling cosmetics. last year, all those items were sold and i am not so sure if i could sell again in the future. by the way, thanks for appreciating my videos. You could visit http://www.luview.com and http://www.the-skinshop.com to send your queries and order form of their cosmetics. They sell online cosmetics and there are alot to choose from.