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The Christmas season is fast approaching and in some other places, we know that it is already starting to get cold these days, but not here in Philippines! Everytime I go out, I always feel sweaty and yes, underarm perspiration is also present. It’s a normal thing but it is also something we can manage. Here, I’m going to share my beauty secret to keep your armpits odor-free and sweat-free!


– Mineral Deodorant Crystal (tawas)

– Water

– Container with cover

– Spray container


In this procedure, I have here a mineral deodorant crystal which I bought from Watson’s store for Php 139. According to the label instruction, the top of it must be wet with water before you use it and should not be left there.  But due to prolonged usage, the crystal was detached from its base making it hard for me to use it so what I did is to put it in a container with water and sealed it for 3 days. Actually, the mineral won’t get dissolved that easily so it will really take time. The only thing that will tell you that it is dissolved already is when you actually notice that the crystal is getting smaller.

The mineral deodorant that I bought has a curcuma extract so it is slightly yellow when dissolved in water. It has different extracts available so you have many to choose from but don’t worry about the color because it doesn’t stain on the skin.

Here, I have now the prepared solution in the bottle and is ready to use. Just spray it on your armpit after you take a bath. Spray atleast 4-5 times for each armpit and wipe those solution that ooze down to the other parts to avoid mess.

Allow it to dry before you wear your clothes to avoid wetting. This product contains glycerin (as labeled on the ingredients list of the product) and I promise you that it won’t feel wet even the whole day.