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Wt: 90 g

Price: Free product with salt scrub

Availability: Watson’s stores

Country of origin: Thailand

This product is not usually seen on tv or any advertisement so it may sound unfamiliar to most of us but one thing very popular from this brand is their milk salt scrub.

Okay, I got this one for free when I bought the A Bonne salt scrub at watson’s. It was Php 75~ not bad for a scrub and a soap together in one price so I grabbed it immediately. I’m a cheapskate you know and I always try to buy the best things in low price and I wasn’t disappointed with this….

i already used the soap here so the shape is somehow different now ^_^

It is a cream soap but not to the point that it’s like the one from Olay or Dove. It cleanses the skin well without drying.

It also contains glycerin, titanium dioxide, milk protein, yogurt protein, Co Q10 as its active ingredients~ which helps the skin to be soft smooth and fair.

expiry date!

The scent is something like a yogurt~ sour and like a fermented milk but still refreshing. As for my overall comment on this product, it is good as a daily bath soap because it is mild and does not make my skin itchy (irritated). I actually consumed it fully and the next time I buy the Abonne scrub, I will choose the one that is packaged together with this soap.