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Kimchi is one of the common side dishes that we used to have on our table and so I always serve my family the best. 4 years ago, there was this Korean man who taught me how to prepare a delicious Kimchi. That time, I was doubtful if I can make it but when I tried it, I then understand that it wasn’t difficult at all.

So, here is my step-by-step recipe of Kimchi. Sorry I wasn’t able to take detailed  photos of it while I was preparing…


cabbage, radish, chopped green onion, chopped leaks, minced garlic, minced ginger, fish sauce, julienne cut carrots, apple, rice, mirin, salt, sugar, chili powder


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1. On a big wok, soak the cabbage in a water with salt for 3-4 hours. Note: don’t cut the cabbage at this time so that the taste won’t change.

2. Drain the water and rinse the cabbage to remove the excess salt.

3. Chop the washed apple and remove its seeds. Cut it  into cubes and put it in the blender. This will be used as a paste of the Kimchi. Make sure that there are no solid parts of the apple remaining. Transfer to a different container.

4. Put the newly cooked rice in the blender. Just like the apple, we need to use it as a paste. Add some water if it is too sticky. Transfer to a different container.

5. On a big bowl, put the ground apple, rice paste, minced garlic, minced ginger, fish sauce, sugar, mirin, chili powder and salt and mix them all together to make a kimchi chili paste. It should taste spicy, salty, and sweet!

6. Cut the cabbage just to make it bite size but not too small.

7. Put the chopped cabbage, radish, onion, carrots and onion leaks  to the wok.

8. Add the paste mixture to the vegetables and mix them with your gloved hands.

9. Transfer the newly prepared kimchi to a bottle and tightly close it. Leave it on a room temperature area for about 24 hours.

10. After 24 hours in room temperature, move it to the refrigerator to continue the fermentation process. As what the Korean man told me years ago,  „…you can eat it after 1 day or 3 days but not on the 4th to 7th day because it doesn’t taste good. After 7 days, you can eat it already. As the time of fermentation gets long, the kimchi becomes more sour. If you want to make a kimchi soup then ferment it for 1 month and when you cook it, do not forget to include the kimchi paste~ it tastes delicious…“

my own style kimchi

my own style kimchi

Well, i took note of all these. Yes, the kimchi starts to get sour on the 4th to 7th day and some parts of it may not yet be fully fermented so the taste is somehow different. So far, my family loved kimchi even more when I served this one to them. You can try it too and tell me how it taste!