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Here comes the one of my most favorite masks this season. Lately I’d been having a short budget so I always look for something that has a good price as well as a good quality. It’s my first time to try this product and so far, I’m loving it and asked my siblings to try it too. Just like me, they also loved this mask and would like to use it for the next days for relaxation.

hollywood style peeloff mask- izell lee (2)

I bought this in Watson’s last November. It was not really my intention to buy this mask but because the St. Ives firming mask is not available, I took this one as an alternative. I have no idea how it works for the skin because I did not read reviews prior to buying it but a big thanks to my small knowledge about cosmetic ingredients~ that helped me decide if I should buy it or leave it. Well, as you can see on the label, it has good contents and there’s no reason for me not to try it.

hollywood style peeloff mask- izell lee (8)

hollywood style peeloff mask- izell lee (7)

Expiry date: June 2017!

It is Php 200 and I think it’s reasonable enough for a 150 ml amount in a tube. The texture is very thick just like the iWhite peel off mask, but this one has a clear color but slightly yellowish when you look at it closer. Well, it reminds me of a glue~ yes, a glue, because of its smell (something sour) and  the texture as well.

hollywood style peeloff mask- izell lee (3)

hollywood style peeloff mask- izell lee (4)

while wearing the mask…

About the content, most of it is from herbal extract which actually helps brighten the complexion. As I use it, I noticed that my pores seem to be smaller and the pimple marks fade.

hollywood style peeloff mask- izell lee (5)

after I removed the mask

after I removed the mask

I use it 2 to 3 times a week and the results were really good. It helped my skin become flawless-looking. But take note, though the iwhite mask’s consistency is similar to this, I just want to let you know that it does not lift comedones (blackheads) at all, no matter how thick your application is.

„Binabad ko sya ng 1 oras,infairness lumiit ang pores ko.“ -Giezel, my sister

„Nawala yung mark ng blackheads na inalis ko unti unti lumiit ung pores ko. Sa tingin ko maganda to para sakin. Mas effective sya pag mas pinatatagal ko sa mukha.“ -Christian, my brother

Above are the comments from my siblings. We are now 3 sharing in this one good bottle of mask and I guess I would really need to buy again the next time I drop by the store. If you are looking for an affordable yet high quality mask, then this one is worth a try.