Dear God,

Thank You for all the blessing that You have given me in the past year. May You continue to bless me and those people I love with more happiness, good health and peace. I’ve learned alot from those challenges that I’d been through and I overcome it all because of You. I’m also thankful that I was able to spend the new year’s eve with my family…

December 30, 2012- few minutes before the New year’s eve…

I can’t explain how I really feel today. Awhile ago, I was having a second thought of texting „him“ because I’m afraid that I would be ignored. I took a chance. I still sent him a new year greeting message but to my surprise, he replied to me with a greeting too but he asked who am I. Yes, I used my new number so I let him know about it. and he greeted me again after I introduced myself. I actually did not know what to say… My heart beat so fast that I could not think of the right words to say and even a little move from my seat. I’m happy that for the last day of this year, he was the last person to text me eventhough I did not reply anymore to his message. At the end of the year, he again was the one who made me happy just like last year.

While watching the tv,I just noticed that the motif of their outfit was green and violet~ which are both my favorite colors. I don’t know if it has something to do with me because it’s year of the snake~ my chinese horoscope year and I also chose the green shirt as my outfit for today. well, I want to welcome this coming year with much joy and hope for everything that I will do. I wouldn’t change a thing, not even a single one but rather I will just make it a little bit better than before.

Oh, the firecrackers are really loud outside! I wanted to go out but for some reason, I just preferred to stay inside.The food my mom prepared for this new year’s eve was barbecue, miki bihon,lumpia rolls, cake and some other dishes too. We only have 10 seconds remaining till the new year are you ready??? 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1… HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! CHEERS TO ALL OF US AND LET’S ALL BE HAPPY TODAY!!! Oh, I can now feel that more and more blessings and happiness is coming!!!

Do you have new year’s resolutions by the way? To tell you, I just want myself to be more mature this time and be happier than the past years. I also want to maintain a good health and become a real feminine in action. hahaha sounds funny but yes, I want to be a lady and not a child this time.

I’m so craving for foods, gotta get some there in the fridge! ^_^

January 1, 2013~ In our relatives‘ House at Makati City

This is it. My mom, dad, and I together with matchui went to Makati to spend the new year with our relatives. We were the first ones to come because dad needs to go to the office still so we went there early. I had a sleepless night last night so while my other cousins haven’t arrived yet, I decided to sleep for the meantime, on the sofa after i had my breakfast there. I slept for an hour and that was a power nap. It gave me more energy that lasted the whole day!


my mom and dad- so sweet! even after years…


with mama and ninang calet






Tito Elek gave me a macaroni salad which is very delicious. I love the sweetness in it but not too much. It’s the first time I tasted a macaroni salad that somehow tastes like a fruit salad! There you go, my cousins are already awake and then we had lunch together, until my other cousins from different places also came at this time. We had a happy lunch together and some picture perfect moments. Well, the true scenes are best taken at their stolen shots so I did not tell them I was shooting the photos already.



crishel and kylene


matchui kisses nate! so sweet puppy~

SAM_6683 SAM_6675 SAM_6681


matchui and i


with Anna and nate


matchui and kylene


Some of my cousins already have babies but yeah I’m never late for that! I also have my baby here~ my baby doggie matchui! As you can see, he is wearing the dress I made for him. He made my aunts, uncles, cousins and their babies happy. A joy-maker dog! Oh, by the way, he met his new friend here in Makati too~ muji! my cousin’s pet, a shih tzu like him…

SAM_6639 SAM_6640

I missed this place so much. As I saw the displays, I remember my childhood, playing doll house together with my cousin Andrea.

By the way, it’s also a birthday celebration for Ninang Calet, my aunt.


with andrea


while my brother is singing and playing guitar


feels like it’s my own car! haha

SAM_6740 SAM_6732 SAM_6734 SAM_6744 SAM_6736

SAM_6719 SAM_6730 SAM_6728 SAM_6717

We also had a happy singing time together while telling stories to one another. It was a nice day of bonding to us because we seldom see each other~ well, we are from different places, that is why.

SAM_6751 SAM_6752 SAM_6750 SAM_6754

Lastly, we also took family photos and had some gifts for keeps. Thanks My aunts… ^_^

We went home safely and had a peaceful night. Can’t wait to upload the photos huh…^_^