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divinia rice whitening emulsion (6)
Net Wt: 150 ml

Price: Php 209

Availability: Watson’s Personal Care Stores

Country of Origin: Taiwan

divinia rice whitening emulsion (2) divinia rice whitening emulsion (1)
Emulsions are one of my favorites. The very first emulsion product that I’ve tried was the Nudecos aqua 24 moist emulsion and I find it very supple and mild for my skin. Since then, I always use emulsion to save my sensitive skin from drying but not becoming too oily. But yes, it’s true, Nudecos emulsion is not available in the Philippines, since it was a prize I received from Korea. Most emulsion products were from Korea, claiming different functions. I can say that they are very good for my skin but honestly, I can’t afford to buy those because most of them are sold in thousands already…

divinia rice whitening emulsion (3) divinia rice whitening emulsion (4)

As I roam around the Watson’s store, I noticed this emulsion and it’s very catchy to my eyes because it’s too affordable! At first glance, I thought that it was from Neutrogena skin care line because they are placed in the same shelf. I looked at the ingredients list and I found it okay because most of its contents are plant extracts and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. For me, this is really worth the price if ever because it has a good quality, more content, available locally and really affordable. I did not have the second thought of buying it. The only time I noticed its brand was when I already bought and took it home. I then scanned the label and saw that it was
Divinia Rice Whitening emulsion! Well, I never heard nor read anything about it so it’s gonna be a challenge for me to find out how it takes effect on the skin.

first day of use

first day of use

after 1 month...

after 1 month…

I bought and used it for the first time last January and until now. So far, my skin became more supple and a little bit radiant than before. It’s not oily and it is a good moisturizer indeed! The consistency is really thin and it is easily absorbed after application. Using it together with iWhite facial cream gives my skin a dewy and flawless appearance.

The scent is somehow similar to Stemcello rejuvinating serum that I tried from Korea Cosmetics, also they have the same effects on my skin. I use this everytime I feel that my skin is dull and yes, it really addresses my needs. The dark spots from my old pimple marks fade faster when I use this and it is very light to my face. As for recommendation, if you want to try something new, affordable and high quality product, give Divinia Rice Whitening Emulsion a try and you’ll be satisfied.