Hello I’m a new vlogger on YouTube. I’d like to introduce myself you, I’m Monae Everett, a hair and makeup artist. I’d love to hear your ideas on new videos to make. Let me know what you think of this one.

Monae Everett

My Reply:

Hi Monae!

I just watched your video. It’s nice. The color combination of makeups and also the lighting. Being a starter in this industry is quite difficult at first, based on my experience because there are lots of good women who does the same thing but you are confident enough in facing the camera. Keep it up. I hope you’ll make more and more makeup and hair tutorials. I’ll be watching your videos!

By the way, I hope you can make a graduation hair and makeup tutorial as well… Being a student, I love watching those videos.. Also bridal makeup.

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Best Regards,
Izell Lee