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sureaid acne soap (6)



Price: Php 38

Available at: Watson’s Personal Care Stores

sureaid acne soap (5)



This is my second time to buy this product and I can say that it really helped me improve my skin condition. My skin is quite sensitive it easily breaks out so I had an idea to try this soap out of my curiosity and eagerness to fight pimples! Well, it did not fail to give me the result that I want. The blemishes gradually fade and the appearance of pimples became less.

sureaid acne soap (3)



I also noticed that my skin tend to have less oil than before and it became lighter. The only thing I also noticed is that, it can make the skin peel but not too much. The management I have for it is to use moisturizer since it can somehow be drying (not totally) to the skin. It is also able to remove makeup after 3 washes, but still I use toner to remove traces of dirt. It is an orange-to-brown bar that is softer than ordinary soaps and it melts easily so better be careful not to leave it on wet container.

sureaid acne soap (2)



Though it is easy to melt, it can also last for 2 to 3 months if you store it properly. It took me almost 2 weeks to see improvement on my skin and from then, I use only this as my facial cleanser and nothing more. My skin may have different reaction to the product compared to yours, but if you want, you can try it too and see for yourself.