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Time flies so fast. I did not even notice that this year is already about to end. I’ve got so many things to thank for in my life including my family, my friends, my achievements as a student, my health, my loved one and all the blessings and lessons it has. This year was a little bit challenging for me for there had been so many changes~ changes that are not temporary but something that molded me to who I am today, unlike last year wherein I just spent the days lightly. This year, I went out to experience and learn in the world of Radiology and there I met my friends, buddies and loved one. I can say that I’m blessed because I found it already and I could not ask for more.





As I go halfway our internship, the feeling of being a fulfilled student is also becoming great. I can still remember when I used to run just as not to become late and how I always want to see that person who makes my day less ordinary and full of happiness. Those sweet memories will always be cherished in my heart and will remain even after years.




This year, I learned that kindness will always be great and that being grateful for everything God has given and not complaining for the challenges is something really important. I would like to thank God for restoring my health and voice as well. I had suffered from sinusitis, tonsilitis and allergy for almost the entire year and now I can see improvements on it. Thanks be to God! He has done and given me so many blessings that words could not express.

I’m also grateful that finally I learned to take care of myself the right way and the way I deserve it. I come to realize that I’m also a precious woman so I have to give myself a great treatment. I went back doing all the things I love and have my mind focused on it. I started preparing again for the upcoming licensure exam next year. How I wish my prayers would be heard again.

My wish for this coming year is to have a great score in the board exam and to find a stable job where I can apply what I’ve learned; Also, to spend my days with the one I love wherein time is no longer a barrier and happiness and love is hooked in our hearts; A good health to maintain and serve God with the one I love, steadfastly, until the end.  Have a great new year to all of us!