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Net Wt: 1.14 g

Price: Php 100

Availability: All Watson’s Personal Care Stores Nationwide

Shades Available: Black, Black-brown







It caught my attention in the store while I was looking for a brow cake. Brow cakes are somewhat a little bit expensive for me so I go for this one. This is really supposed to be used as an eyeliner but because it has a good shade that I love, I did not have any second thought of buying it. What I love about it most is that it can be blended easily and creates a natural-looking brows for me though it is not waterproof nor smudgeproof. Sometimes, when you did not blend it well, it tends to clump in one area and may give a very thick brows so please don’t forget to use a brush after application. ^_^







It lasts for hours as long as you are not trying to remove it and if you are going to do so, an ordinary facial soap or facial wash is enough to clear it from your brows.




closer shot while wearing nichido eye pencil for my brows.

(c) closer shot while wearing nichido eye pencil for my brows.

I’ve never tried to use it as an eyeliner yet so I could not suggest anything about it as for now. My brows on the above photo is slightly reddish because I just shaved it.

Rating: 4.8/5 since it is very affordable, sold anywhere, easy to use and matches my preference. I will surely buy another next time. ^_^ ❤