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Net Wt: 236 ml

Price: $10.50




It’s my first time to have this body lotion though it’s never strange to me because my sister and my mom have it before. I got this as a birthday present from my brother’s girlfriend. At first, I was a little bit doubtful if it would be good for me since my skin got a little bit itchy the first time I tried it~ that was when my sister asked me to try the lotion that they have. My skin is sensitive. It usually gets irritated with fragrance. Most perfume lotions like this tend to be itchy for me, just like how foot lotions affect my feet.

ingredients list

(c) ingredients list

There I go. I tried it one day after I received it but my experience now is a lot different from the first time I used it. I did not feel itchiness this time and it really works well for me. it is so creamy and fragrant that’s why I love putting more of it all over my body every after taking a bath. It really helps soften dry skin, especially my hands that are often soaked in detergent when doing the laundry. I usually apply this before i go to my duty and before I sleep.


(c) my hand skin is soooooo dry!!

here i come dry skin!!! Dry skin rescue!!

(c) here i come dry skin!!! Dry skin rescue!!

now my skin iturned soft and moisturized. Thanks to this lotion! :-)

(c) now my skin iturned soft and moisturized. Thanks to this lotion! 🙂




As what I noticed, this lotion does not seem to feel sticky nor feel like a warm sweat on my body even after some minutes of long walk. I love walking early in the morning before going to duty and I love how it keeps my skin moisturized without wearing-off. It also not easily washed away when you rinse your skin (unless you will use soap for it). It is also easily absorbed by the skin and is feels really soft and smooth.




slightly spread on skin

(c) slightly spread on skin


(c) after few minutes of application

Yes, it is a good skin moisturizer but it does not contain sunscreen or any skin-lightening ingredients so if you are looking for such, then this one is not for you. By the way, some stores does not sell this one so you may find it a little hard if you wanna buy one.

It is available in various scents and most of them have a body mist counterpart. About the container, it’s a little bit bulky and has a push button  top with a small hole so that the amount you will apply will not spill.




Rating: 4.8/5 since it worked well for me the second time I tried it. I’d been using this for more than a month already and so far I’m loving it for my daily use.