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Net Wt: 40 g

Price: Php 90

Availability: Pre-order at Avon dealers.

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I’m not so much into using face powder because my skin somehow tends to get clogged but I do admit that I need it to make my BB cream last and make it a little bit matte. Avon Faraway made a little difference above those face powders I’ve tried including baby powder as well.

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(c) list

Mainly, its content is mica and cornstarch and it is superb in absorbing excess oil on my face. At first, I noticed that the texture is fine but not as fine as a talc.

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(c) look at the fine shimmers! it’s so lovely!

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The color is slightly yellowish when I observed it. and it has some fine shimmer that I love~ it adds glow to my face. One thing I like about it is that, it doesn’t make my skin that matte~ it just makes it dewy but not so oily. It has a sweet sexy scent that even more accentuates my femininity. Though it is mildly scented, it did not irritate my sensitive skin~ no itching nor breakout occured. By the way, one bottle is enough to last for 5 months based on everyday use for face and neck application. It is very smooth to apply and does not clump on the pores of my skin. I use my fingertips to apply it and it looks nice. It makes me look even sweeter.

Rating: 4.7/5 I really love it but I wish it is also available in other local stores out there. This is actually my second time to buy this product and I am satisfied with it.