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Gone are the lax days for me. I’m in a point of my life wherein a preparation for a big event is a major priority. Well, it has something to do with my future career and stability in life. I had to make a great decision just to focus on it~ doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m leaving or quitting on some other important things, but I just have to gain confidence to be competent enough for the battle I’m about to face.

Making this decision somehow threatens me if it will cause me good or bad, or maybe both. I’m hoping and looking forward more on the good ones. This time, I gotta be more serious on studying and giving my best shots on the remaining 1 and a half months of training in the hospital. Somehow, I can say that my confidence is better than before especially the past few days that I was able to do some procedures on my own. There are people who trust me that I can do it and it really helps me alot.

I’m in a point of my life wherein making myself a better one is a top priority rather than asking why people are not doing any good. The only thing I can control in my hand is myself~ my decisions, my actions, my thinking and my emotions. I’ve come to realize that being patient is a little bit hard but it really takes alot of it before you can touch success.

Lately, I’m hearing alot of people getting married and it makes me feel so excited and happy. Yes, I am surrounded by people who are about to have their weddings soon. Yes, I know and I believe in  all the beautiful things to come to me. But before anything else, I need to walk slowly until that day~ happily and grateful for all the blessings that I have in my life. I believe in true love, and in destiny. I believe so much in God and I trust Him.

By the way, as announced by our Dean, our tentative schedule for graduation is on May 8 or 10, 2014. It really feels great to be a candidate for it. I’m looking forward to more and more blessings to come and I’m grateful to receive it.