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from google- patience is a virtue

Every Sunday, I together with my family, use to go to church for a worship service. For me, it is not just an obligation as a Christian but also it helps me strengthen my inner core~ my faith and principles in life. As I was listening to the discussion my attention was caught because I can truly relate to it. While listening to it, I was thinking „This must be really important and given an attention.“

Many people today get involved in an intimate relationship with someone without a purpose. Meaning, they just get themselves involved then after everything has been said and done, then it is finished or maybe some try a little bit harder and longer to work it out. As I have noticed, it often leads to a big difficulty in life and leads to broken heart. As a woman, I would like to save myself for the best one who truly deserves it~ someone given by God and not just a „sport-fisher type.“

The topic discussed in the worship service awhile ago was really broad and I am not allowed to preach but I have learned that we should always make God our Topmost Priority in life and everything our hearts may desire will be added if we faithfully follow His will. A good spouse is from Him and if it is needed, it will be given. There’s really no need to rush because even if we rush things, if it is not yet the right time, it will only result to failure.

My heart was eased because good things will come at the right time. My mind is now somewhat free from troubles and worries that is why I am able to post and share this thing to you. There is a promise in patience and the greatest things are always worth it.


Have a great day!

Izell ❤